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Yogic Massage

Ever since our births, the massage plays an important role in developing our body and in helping us to adjust to our physical environment. Consciously or unconsciously everyone uses it to beneficial effects. Soon after the infant's birth, his massage starts. The mother pats and cuddles the body, the physical touch that helps him to grow well fast. Wealthy massage also imparts strength to the bones, and relaxes the muscles. Every living being, including bird or animal, adopts the basic principle of massage and keeps itself fit. No doctor teaches this. It's a natural instinct. Just as regular practice of yoga sanas and good food habits are essential for good health, the massage also plays a vital role in this respect. It helps improve the functioning of veins and arteries and makes them healthy. The muscles gain elasticity. On the whole massage helps to improve the general health, prolonging the life.

It also plays a vital role transporting food stuff from one part of the body to the other, for thin people it works miracles. If a person doesn't eat for several days but gets himself massaged by an expert he can survive for several days. His body would use less energy, as massage will supply him with diet.

Main Advantages of Massage

1. The circulatory system gets activated and helps body organs function efficiently.

2. Proper circulation of blood helps to cleanse the body of the impurities collected at different points in the body through outlets like breath, sweat, stool and urine.

3. The excretory organs like skin, rectum, lungs, kidneys etc., get strengthened and they start working more efficiently.

4. The digestive organs like liver, small intestines get activated and function more smoothly.

5. Massage helps to reduce fat.

6. Patient suffering from ailments like rheumatism, paralysis, polio, tuberculosis, headache and muscular problems get relief with massage.

7. The pores of skin improve.

8. The veins and arteries gain elasticity and body becomes more efficient and oily.

9. In case of chronic diseases the skin loses its vitality. The massage helps the skin to regain the lost vigour.

10. Those who do not do exercise or patients who cannot exercise can find in massage an ideal substitute. Because like exercise the massage improves the blood circulation and cleanses the body of impurities.


Massage can be of many types:

1. Oil massage
2. Dry massage
3. Foot massage
4. Cold massage
5. Warm-Cold massage
6. Powder massage
7. Electric massage.

For every massage there is certain procedure which must be followed faithfully. Different ailments call for different massage, and they must be done keeping the patient's conditions in mind. Not all patients can be given the same type of massage.

The cold massage is ideal for patients suffering from insomnia, dry scratching, excessive heat, nervous weakness, burning sensation and vibration in hands and legs. Even light massage with oil proves useful in these cases.

For weak and thin people oil massage is ideal.

Dry massage and cold massages are good for reducing fat.

Those suffering from paralysis, rheumatism, backache, pain in legs, polio, sciatica greatly benefit from oil massage, foot massage, hot-cold massage and electric massage. During fast one should have oil massage.

Dry massage, powder massage and oil massage help to relax the body.



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