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Yoga Therapy

The world is actually suffering from over-drugging. Can man escape drugs? Yoga can prove to be a great saviour of mankind if its practice is popularised in the length and breadth of the world, because yoga has the capacity to keep the body free from most types of sickness and thus to make the unnecessary use of drugs. It is easy to find thousands of allopathic doctors themselves who have lost faith in allopathic drugs. Yoga not only advises to avoid drugs but it also helps an individual to get rid of drugs. Another plus point of yoga is that it operates not only on the physical level but also on the mental and spiritual planes. So far as the malfullCtioning of glands is concerned, no medical system has really achieved any breakthrough. Here also, it is yoga which can restore the normal functioning of glands by corrective yogic practices.

Regular practice of yoga not only keeps the body healthy and fit, but also prevents physical, mental and emotional imbalances due to various reasons in our day-to-day life. Daily yogic practices gradually bring about a change in one's thoughts, conduct, attitude, behaviour words and deeds and also a total transformation in personality as a whole. One feels a unique enthusiasm, fearlessness, happiness, dedication, faith, self-confidence, courage, boldness, satisfaction, peace and contentment, culminating in physical fitness, mental stability, emotional quietness and ultimately a fruitful life.

Yoga has the capacity to free the body from most diseases. It not only operates on the physical level but also has great benefits on mental worries and tension. It is only yoga that can restore normal functioning of the glands. Yoga comprises three types of exercises: yogasanas, mudras and pranayam. Yogasansa invigorate our internal organs, the mudras ensure healthy functioning of the glands and pranayam helps in purifying our blood and decreases the intensity of mental stress.

At the same time it is the best preventive system, the regular practitioner of which can escape the agony of illness. This system comprises three types of activities or exercises: the yogasanas, the mudras and the pranayama. While the yogasanas invigorate our internal organs, the mudras ensure healthy functioning of the glands and the pranayama, besides purifying our blood, soothens our nervous system. So, this trinity of yoga system is capable of restoring and ensuring normal health for us without the necessity of drugs.



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