Yoga Health for Overcoming Addictions
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Yoga Health for Overcoming Addictions

July 18, 2019

Addictions come in several forms. They need not be only limited to alcohol, prescription medicines, and narcotic drugs. Overeating, oversleeping, self-created depression, negation, anger, resentments, and uncontrolled emotions are a few examples of addiction. Fear and anxiety also become a part of life, when there is no control over the imaginations of the future. Pondering over the past can also be another form of addiction. I have had practical experience with almost all of these negative factors in my life except drugs.

Yoga – a Recommended Solution

I have found yoga to work for me better than any other methods. The first benefit has been from Mindful breathing. Deep breathing takes extended inhalation and exhalation. The process pumps in more oxygen and takes out more of carbon dioxide and other toxic elements from the body. I started the exercise from a few minutes and improved it to 30 minutes today.

Yoga Breakfast

A cup of lukewarm water before breakfast can boost hunger levels significantly. Then I drink one cup of beet or carrot juice with lime. I go for a long walk, bathe and have a nutritious breakfast. Sprouts salad gives me the strength and stamina early in the morning. It is very simple to prepare and taste to eat too.

Bean, soy-bean, broccoli, green lentil, wheat, radish, and pea are some of the sprouts I have tried. The recommended practice is to soak them overnight and eat them raw the next morning. Boiling can soften them, but it can also take away most of the nutrients. Three or four boiled eggs with pepper and salt with one full glass of milk can be the recommended yoga breakfast. Of course, there are many other options which you can explore.

Yoga Postures

Yoga postures can simple, moderate, or complex. You can choose the ones which you can practice without any side effects. Consult an experienced guru in your city and he will guide you in the right direction. You have to follow the principles and practices of postures without experimenting on something which you don’t know.

Yoga Thinking

How busy or chaotic is your workspace? How often do you get phone calls? How often do you check your emails? How often do you take a break for a cup of coffee and a cigarette? How often do you shout at your teammates and subordinates? There are many such factors which can push you to the brink of stress.

Accepting the things we can’t change and working on things we can change is the basic principle of Yoga thinking. It could be very difficult, but it can come with practice. It may take a few weeks or years to practice. It depends on how willing you are today. Once acceptance comes in, the need for addiction naturally starts reducing. I have been experiencing the results gradually but surely for the past 15 years.

Yoga Health Results

Today, I have a healthy body and a sound mind at the age of 45+. I have no health issues related to diabetes, blood pressure, stress, fatigue, and cardiovascular systems. I am grateful to Yoga Health which has given me yoga for a healthy life.

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