Why Should I Practice Yoga Every Day
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Why Should I Practice Yoga Every Day

May 19, 2019

Yoga is a part of healing, caring, nurturing, and improving the status and condition of your body, mind, and soul. It is a science, therapy, treatment, and wholesome healing process. It is a simple, moderate, difficult, and complex method to attain health and fitness, depending on how well you practice. The effectiveness depends on your Yoga Guru. The way you interact with him determines the efficiency and impact of Yoga on your life and lifestyle.

Yoga as Science

Yoga can dynamically balance the energy levels in your physical body. For example, you can consider the central nervous system, veins, skeletal muscles, joints, limbs, cardiovascular system, and metabolic system.

Controlled Breathing

Accumulation of stress within your body can result in enormous pressure on the brain. It secretes a hormone named Cortisol. It slows down the entire body mechanism to protect them from the effects of stress. It is a sort of sedative which affects the speed of the central nervous system.

Controlled breathing methods of Yoga can naturally reduce the level of stress in your body and brain. Hence, there is no need for the brain to secrete Cortisol.  So, your entire body including the central nervous system (CNS) can balance the energy levels throughout the day.

How to Control Breathing

Your breathing is normally shallow in depth. So, the frequency is relatively high. Hence, the working of your CNS and body is also fast. The frequency of getting tired is high. Now, let us try a simple experiment.

Sit in lotus posture and place both your hands on your thighs with fingers interlocking. Keep your spine straight. Close your eyes and start breathing deeply. Keep your inhalation to 12 seconds and exhalation to 15 seconds per cycle. Do it for two minutes. You can experience the relaxation of your body and brain. It happens because the level of Cortisol generation has become normal.

Try the Excursive for five minutes per day for a week. Reduce alcohol intake and stop smoking for the week. You can experience remarkable results at the end of the week. Your body and mind can endure severe stress and work smoothly.  

You have to focus your mind completely on your breathing during the exercise. In the beginning, your mind can go experience many types of thoughts, anxiety feelings, etc. You have to just ignore them and focus. You can develop concentration without distraction within a span of seven days. Practice the controlled breathing every day in the future.

Child Pose

Child pose is a simple way to relax your spinal cord. Since the main part of CNS is connected to the spine, it can heal the stress factors from the most important muscles and internal organs in your body. Sometimes you may feel sleepy due to the relaxation effects. Don’t worry, it isn’t a sedative action. Practicing this posture can restore your CNS back to efficient working conditions. 


The two yoga postures have helped me in restoring and balancing my physical and mental health so far. You may also try them after consulting your family physician.

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