The Goodness Of Yoga
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The Goodness Of Yoga

June 23, 2019

Yogic exercises are not just for the mind alone but it includes routines that are meant for the betterment of the whole body as such. It would only be correct to get to understand what yoga stands for before analyzing its benefits to the person. At the very basic level, yoga stands for the complete exercise of the body and mind. Its sole aim is the complete mind control to such an extent that the very thought process is kept totally under control.

People who practice yoga tend to notice a few changes from the onset and the more time that is spent on the exercises, the better the results achieved in the long run. 


The very first thing that people note of people practicing yoga for some time is the rather flexible nature of their bodies.  It can be termed as a suppleness than a softness that transcends the person. 

Better muscle tone and strength

People that do practice yoga regularly tend to be stronger and have good muscle tones.  That is the lean muscle tissue is much more as compared to the fatty muscle mass. But unlike training with weights and even calisthenics, yoga needs time to bring forth results. So someone starting on yoga needs to be conscious of the fact that time needs to be spent on the practice and on a regular basis as well.  

Increased vitality

The vitality of the person depends on the ability of the individual to release energy stored in the various parts of the body.  Yogic exercises are good at this part for the concentrated efforts that the routines bring to the exercise most of the time. Equally important is the fact that yogic exercises are the least injurious to the general being as it involves just the person’s body weight and slow movements without any sharp pulls of pushes.

Balancing out the metabolism

My metabolism, it is meant to be the simple processing of the body energies. There is positive energy as well as negative energy associated with a person. For the good of the person, the positive energy has to overcome the negative aspect as far as possible. This is where yoga comes to play a strong part in releasing positive energy and curbing negative energy as far as possible.

Weight control

When the whole medical fraternity is divided as to what constitutes the ideal weight of the person, yogic exercises can define how people look and feel about themselves.  With yoga, people never have to be bothered about trying to gain weight or to lose weight at any time. The very nature of the routines is such that they tend to balance out the good part over the bad and help maintain a healthy body weight most of the time.


There is no saying when it is right to call yogic exercises as sufficient. The simple measure of the effectiveness of the routines is when people feel comfortable about themselves as a whole. We have discussed in brief some of the benefits of yoga but they are not by any means conclusive nor the last word at it.

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