Best Principles and Practices of Yoga

Hi and welcome to my blog on Yoga. Here, I will introduce you to the fundamental and advanced transformation to lifestyle through Yoga. Modern science has taught you that mind and body are two separate entities. It says the mind has complete control over your life and body is just an instrument. You have always identified yourself with your mind. Here is the root of all problems.

Your mind goes through many cycles of excitement, irritation, frustrations, resentments, passion, love and so many other emotions and feelings.  You follow it wherever it takes you. Ultimately, you end up with a fatigued mind. It could be the starting point of addictions and negative lifestyle.

In my blog, I shall discuss the different aspects of Yoga, which can levitate you from such conditions. You can also learn how to keep the energy levels flowing through your mind and body consistently. These are the forces which will support, sustain, and enhance your life every day, every moment, and every second.

Yoga Postures

Of course, I will be explaining a lot about the various types of Yoga postures you can practice. They are good for keeping you physically and mentally agile and fit. Some of the postures I discuss are simple and easy to practice. Some of them are complex and tough. My aim is to tell you how they may help you to shape your body and life in a better way.

I may not go deep into the procedures of performing the postures since you have plenty of other sources to get information. I would rather focus on the end benefits and diet practices.

Yoga Meditation

I had always wondered about the concept and process of meditation. I have seen many Yogis sitting in lotus posture and doing meditation. I tried doing the same and often fell asleep. Sometimes my mind went out to every part of the world without focus.

One fine morning I came across a Yogi on the banks of the river Ganga (Ganges) in Hardwar India. He taught me the inner secrets of Yoga meditation methods from the Himalayan masters. Initially, I found the principles and practices to be tougher than I thought. Gradually, I started learning them. I shall share the hidden secrets from the depths of the Himalayan masters’ heart and mind with you.

Yoga for Physical Lethargy

I have experienced the pangs of having to wake up early in the morning since my school days. Somehow I sought to sleep longer and wanted the clock to stop for me! The problem continued until after I graduated. Even during my working days, I had the same problem. After meeting the Guru at Hardwar, there has been a transformation in my lifestyle. My body and mind are free from the lethargic feelings.

In my blog, I will share the secrets of what my Guru did to me for overcoming the lethargy issues. Remember, it’s the lethargy, which ultimately gets transformed into diseases and disorders. Keep reading my blog and enjoy good reading about Yoga.